Explore the limits of nano microscopy with our cutting edge technology


We are a technology-based company that wants to be a worldwide leadership in field of AFM’s tips. We will achieve this goal by means of a strong R&D focused to market together with excellent alliances with the key actors in each sector.

Our mission is the design, development, scale-up and production of high value tips for SPM (Scanning Probe Microscopy) systems in general, and particularly for AFM (Atomic Force Micoscopy) systems, based on a patented technology for the coating with nanoparticles of controlled size and chemical composition. These technology let us to offer our innovative REGENERATIVE AFM probes and the higher resolution in CONDUCTIVE AFM measures.

Our patent pending projects are related to complete our portfolio, with High Reliability TERS tips and Magnetic AFM (MFM) tips.


NEXT-TIP is a spin-off of the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC), which is the third largest in Europe and the largest public institution dedicated to research in Spain. In 2012 was stablished as a technology-based company.
The NEXT-TIP Technology is the result of more than 6 years of research under the scientific guidance of Dr. Yves Huttel, Dra. Elisa Román and Dra. Lidia Martínez (co-founders of the company).

In 2012 It was stablished as a technology-based company, founded by these scientific researchers and BeAble Capital, a technology focused Venture Capital.